Ajay kumar                         Mobile: +919212257521- E-mail ajaysips@gmail.com:  Seeking

Ajay sharma          Mobile: +919212257521 ~ E-Mail ajaysips@gmail.com:

Seeking entry level assignments in Business Analysis / Insurance Operations with an organisation of reputLocation Preference: Delhi / NCR  Professional Summary

ÄSkilled in conducting technical analysis for achieving organizational goal

ÄSuccessfully completed various projects related to Insurance policies.

ÄUnderwent industrial training at Max New York Life Insurance Company, NOIDA & NCR.

ÄAn effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities.



ÄConducting adjudication of health insurance policies, settling claims or denying based on various factors.


ÄProject Title                                  :                               Strategies to Control Turnover of Agents in Insurance Companies.

Duration                                                                              :                         4 months

Description                         :                               Understanding the strategies which could control the turnover of agents in

                                                                                Insurance Companies.


ÄProject Title                                  :                               Comparison of Whole Life Policy of Max New York Life with Other Competitors.

Duration                                                                              :                               3 months

Description                      :                  It involved comparison between features of whole life policy of Max New York with

                                                                other competitor’s products.

ÄProject Title                                  :                               Creation of a Website on Eve’s Era.com by using HTML

Duration                                                                              :                               1 year

Description                                                         :                               Project was aimed at creating online shopping website on ladies products for e.g.

                                                                                                                                                cosmetics, jewellery, gifts, etc.


Industrial Training

Organization                                                     :               banking sectors

Duration                                                                              :               3 months

Description                                                         :               Acquired skills on discipline, perseverance, creativity and adaptability in profession.


BBA for sanjay collages $ Agra University                                                                 60.93%                                                                                    2012                   

XII (PCM)                                                                                             UP          Board                                                                                    60%                                                                                        2009

X                                                                                                                             UP board                                                                                        58%                                                                       2007


IT SKILLS: Proficient in MS Office & Internet Applications.


Conferences & Seminars

ÄUnderwent 1 week Military Training Camp, organized by the Amity University at Gurgaon.

ÄAttended seminar on:

w“Employment Benefit Scheme”

w“Workplace Wellness”.

w“IT in Relation with Insurance companies”



Beyond Curriculum

ÄReceived Merit Certificate in National Mathematics Olympiad Contest.


Personal Dossier

Date of Birth                                                                       : 10|07|1993


Permanent Address                        :               C 53 jeevan park new utttam nagar new delhi

Correspondence Address              :               C 53 jeevan park new utttam nagar new delhi

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